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Ngaru tattoo photo
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September 3rd, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This armband tattoo flows following the shape of waves to recall the ocean, Charle´s great passion.

It has some sea creatures in it like the turtle (family, with the marriage symbol on the shell), swimming towards the sun (joy, eternity) where three dots symbolize his three children and a sea shell represents love and safe shelter.

On the left of the turtle there are a manta (freedom, beauty and knowledge) protected by the spear heads and the hammerhead shark (tenacity and determination) that includes a warrior symbol.

On the right the octopus symbolizes adaptability, tenacity and intelligence.

Fish represent prosperity and the birds are for travels and watching the world from a higher perspective.

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waves turtle manta hammerhead shark octopus fish birds warrior spear heads sun sea ocean family joy tenacity freedom knowledge adaptability

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