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Sun and waves tattoo photo
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Sun and waves
Joy of living

January 18th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Every design can have several meanings. The true one though will always be the one given to it by him who chose it. The sun, as an example, can symbolize eternity, life, joy, whereas waves symbolize continuity in change, but also life and the inner self -

In this design, joining the sun and the waves, we wanted to represent the beauty of life, the joy of living and the changes of the soul.

Requested by Domenica.

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sun waves life joy beauty eternity soul evolution change

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 I love this design. I am getting this tattoo to celebrate my 60th b-day. The best part is finding this site, where the tat is explained. I love the sun and the waves and will think of what it represents when every I look at it. Thanks so much.  
  by flossgranmama
 Pretty cool and simple tattoo 
  by guigo
 love it  
  by deb
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