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Tiger and manta tattoo photo
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Tiger and manta

May 30th, 2021
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo, designed for Norbert, features a tiger´s face in the center, perfectly visible even if unnoticeable when looking at the tattoo in its whole, to represent the protector.

The left wing includes the initials of his son, with chasing birds and a star to symbolize Norbert supporting him, who is a fixed point in his life.
On the right wing the couple symbol represents him and his wife with her initials nearby.
Both sides have braid next to the letters to symbolize his union with them.

Waves are for the ocean, and the fish hook for prosperity. Spearheads symbolize strength and the bird within the tiger is a symbol of higher perspective while shark teeth are for protection in water.

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tiger and manta chasing birds star braid initials waves fish hook protector union fixed point support ocean prosperity strength higher perspective maorigrams

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