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Taiao tattoo photo
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Nature, harmony

December 27th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The word Taiao indicates the world, and can be translated as environment, nature. This design inspired by a request from Natassa incorporates some elements as the Marquesan cross, which represents elements, harmony and balance, and the flax leaves motif, representing the union between men and nature.

Korus are for new life and waves symbolize change and abundance.

The eye of the tiki symbolizes protection.

Here´s how it looks when positioned:

Harmony and balance of elements

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marquesan cross flax flax leaves tiki eye waves nature elements union harmony balance protection

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 OOOh i love this one!  I would love to incorperate it in the one i already have , when my tattoo artist and me have a look if its possible i ofcourse will send photo´s of the end result.  hugs jolanda 
  by jolanda from the Netherlands
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