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Amy - Whaiaro tattoo photo
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Amy - Whaiaro

  April 20th, 2010

Inspired by Whaiaro (Self):

Whaiaro tattoo

These three turtles were requested by Amy and they represent her self (whaiaro).

From the small one on the bottom to the big one on top:

- indipendence, adventure (that "sun" inside is actually a navel symbol and it represents indipendence since the navel is where the umbilical cord gets cut, added with shark teeth for adaptability and strength); waves represent travels and change and the turtle´s head is a stylized manta (freedom and beauty, protection)

- family; the flax plant on the shell symbolizes ...

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turtles navel sun waves flax braid tiki hook frangipani spearheads moray eels hammerhead shark indipendence adventure family union protection prosperity joy determination

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