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CCSMN armband tattoo photo
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CCSMN armband

January 6th, 2022
  Author: GiErre

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This Polynesian armband tattoo was prepared for Gil and it represents his family.
The turtle includes the 5 initials of the family members, C, C, S, M, N, and the bigger fish on the left includes an S for their surname.

The main elements are a whale representing nurturing and love, a kiwi bird for generosity, and a flower.

Shark teeth and tiki were included for protection (shark teeth also symbolize strength and adaptability), fish and fish hook for prosperity, and the chasing birds with a dot nearby to symbolize that help will always be granted to the loved ones.

The colored legend below helps identifying the individual elements within the tattoo:
Family Polynesian CCSMN armband tattoo

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armband whale salema fish flower kiwi shark teeth birds tiki fish hook lettering family protection nurtuting love support direction prosperity

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