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Tamāhine tattoo photo
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June 17th, 2021
  Author: GiErre

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This Polynesian style tattoo of a gecko was prepared for Rachel, who is represented in the gecko´s head guiding her family, always being a reference (the star) to her daughters and always supporting them (the chasing birds).

The central part of the tattoo includes frangipani flowers (beauty and femininity) symbolizing her daughters, with a mere (respect, the leader) and spearheads (the warrior) next to them.
They are joined together by koru shaped vines to depict their union.

The left back leg has a tern and the flight of the albatross (the two lines) to represent voyage, with shark teeth for adaptability and protection.

The tail has opposing waves to symbolize adversities, faced with strength and courage (the row of spearheads), the braid represents family union, while the fish hook is for prosperity.

The following image helps identifying the individual symbols within the tattoo, whose full meanings are disclosed to Rachel alone:
Polynesian gecko small tattoo

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gecko star chasing birds frangipani flowers mere spearheads koru vines tern flight of albatross shark teeth waves braid fish hook support beauty femininity respect leader warrior union voyage adaptability protection strenght courage prosperity Rachel

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