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Cancer legband tattoo photo
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Cancer legband
Zodiac sign

February 10th, 2021
  Author: GiErre

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This legband tattoo was prepared for Yuri and it develops around the crab being a symbol for his zodiac sign.

Flax leaves inside it symbolize family as the most important element (the star below it represents the fixed point).
The left claw includes a mere (status, respect), and the right one an adze (skill, ability).
The legs include octopus tentacles (adaptability and tenacity), fish hooks (prosperity and knowledge), and mountains (stability).

The lō kahi symbol in front of the crab symbolizes balance and harmony between the world of humans, nature, and the world of spirits.

The warrior on the calf stands between joy (the half sun) and sorrow (the symbol complementing the shark teeth), faced with strength and determination (the spearheads) to turn every experience into a new lesson (the stepping stones at the base).

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