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Enso tattoo photo
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June 30th, 2017
  Author: GiErre

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Sometimes the simplest designs hide the greatest meanings.

It´s the case of this tattoo: the sunmoon is shaped by two single brush strokes but it encloses much more.
The circle that makes the sun is a zen symbol called "ensō" which represents enlightenment, strength and elegance, the universe and the void, opposites.
In this case, the circle gets thinner in the middle to gain strength again towards the end representing a difficult time positively overcome, and it´s not closed to symbolize an open life, in the same way as our minds which should always be open towards the world.

The sunmoon itself symbolizes the union of opposites and the impossible that becomes possible.

The moon should be drawn first (descending line) and then the sun (ascending, counter-clockwise line) to symbolize the day following the night.

Making the strokes not perfect can remind us that imperfections are part of our lives and do not affect the final happiness:
enso sunmoon imperfections

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