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Tribal wolf tattoo photo
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Tribal wolf
Strength, passion

September 16th, 2016
  Author: GiErre

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Sanja requested a tattoo of a wolf howling to the moon, fierce, immediately conveying the idea of strength.

We used a modern tribal style for the wolf, against a Polynesian styled background, and we added shadows to it in order to have it pop up, clearly dominant against the background.

Behind the wolf there are a crescent moon shaped by waves and other 5 elements positioned to recall a trace of wolf´s claws:

The howling wolf is a symbol of strength, faithful love and passion.

Owl moon t-shirtOwl moon t-shirtOwl blossoms by TattooTribes
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howling wolf moon spear heads shark teeth fish hook alpha male chief strength love passion loyalty fidelity family prosperity tenacity

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 Simplemente me gusta, me siento representado  
  by Juan ka
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