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Kapehu tattoo photo
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Compass, direction

April 4th, 2016
  Author: GiErre

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Kai had a tribal armband and he requested it to be extended into a 3/4 sleeve and pec tattoo.

We created a hammerhead shark to incorporate the old tribal tattoo blending it into the new part.
It represents tenacity and determination, the fighter who helps friends (the row of enata) through adversities (the path of kamehameha) and protects family (flax leaves) to whom he guarantees prosperity (coconut leaves and fish).

On the pec, close to the heart, the turtle symbolizes family, with the headletters of the family members placed above it as maorigrams.
The braid represents their union, the Marquesan cross symbolizes harmony and the chasing birds are for the help that they will always grant to each other.

A manta is for freedom and voyages, like the row of birds, and a lizard for good luck.
Freedom is very important to him but it does not keep him from helping friends when they are in troubles (the row of enata next to the moray eel).

The compass symbolizes direction, the path to be followed, and the all-seeing eye right above is a symbol of protection.

The standing stones closing the lower part together with mountains represent the lessons learnt, which give him stability.

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3/4 sleeve hammerhead shark manta turtle compass spear heads all-seeing eye lizard maorigram enata family warrior friends direction path freedom help support tenacity protection

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