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Manta turtle tattoo photo
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Manta turtle
Family protection

October 21st, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This manta ray tattoo requested by David includes a turtle in the middle to represent his family and its centrality, protected by the warrior on the shell that holds a spear and supports the flax leaves (family union, life).
Other elements protecting family from all sides are the tiki on the left wing of the manta and the all-seeing eye on the right one keeping adversities at bay (the path of Kamehameha)

On the front flippers we placed two maorigrams for his wife and daughter: J on the left flipper and I on the right one, bordered by two suns (joy, eternity) with dots (importance) and A&F on the shell.

The tail made of spear heads is for the warrior, courage and strength while the all-seeing eye shapes a mere for honour, respect and status.

Compass turtle t-shirtCompass turtle t-shirtTurtle design by TattooTribes
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manta ray turtle maorigrams warrior tiki all-seeing eye spear heads sun waves octopus tentacle shark teeth family freedom protection joy eternity importance honour tenacity David

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