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Toorino tattoo photo
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Twisted, spiral

April 16th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo spiraling like a snake around Lucrezia´s arm incorporates several sea related elements: a hammerhead shark (tenacity, strength and determination, but sociality as well), a manta ray (freedom and voyage), a fish (prosperity) and a sea shell (love and safe shelter).

The flowers of frangipani (beauty, femininity) and a Fijian version of the flax leaves motif (family) make the tattoo gentler and more feminine.

Other elements are a lizard (luck, protection), shark teeth (protection and adaptability), a tiki (protection) and Africa´ silhouette, with waves to symbolize the sea and neverending changes and korus for life and new beginning.

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sea waves hammerhead shark manta ray sea shell flower of frangipani flax leaves tiki lizard fish protection luck prosperity freedom tenacity strength determination femininity

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