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Mango tattoo photo
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June 11th, 2013
  Author: GiErre

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Nils requested this tattoo of a composite shark for its meaning (strength and adaptability) and for its shape as it can nicely follow the lines of the muscles on the side of the ribs and abs.

The central part of the shark´s body includes a turtle whose shell is made of a sun (shaped by mountains and with a koru on the inside).
Its back flippers are fish hooks for prosperity.

Below the turtle there is a lizard (good luck and health) whose tail becomes the tail of the shark together with the tail of a manta (freedom, intelligence, beauty) that shapes the tail fins of the shark.

The tail of manta rays made of spear heads are often used as a symbology for sexuality.

Compass turtle t-shirtCompass turtle t-shirtTurtle design by TattooTribes
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shark turtle manta lizard fish hook sun mountains koru strength adaptability health luck freedom fighter intelligence beauty sexuality prosperity success stability

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