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Mehndi style peacock tattoo photo
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Mehndi style peacock
Love, passion

February 12th, 2013
  Author: Jaya

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Mehndi is an ancient ceremonial art form originated in the south of Asia, where it is still used especially by brides on their wedding day when intricate designs are applied to hands and feet by using henna dye.

The tradition of using henna to apply protective and auspicious designs and motifs has eventually spread throughout several middle eastern countries and to some African regions as well

The peacock is a symbol traditionally used in wedding decorations on account of its meanings: it symbolizes beauty, but also love, desire and passion.

Attention: true henna is NOT black. It becomes black when added with a chemical compound called p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) which can cause very serious alergic reactions. Always stick to natural henna!

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