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Haida Eagle tattoo photo
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Haida Eagle
Fierceness, leadership

October 15th, 2007
  Author: picchio

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The eagle is one of the animals that men always admired. Her majesty and fierceness, her strength, contributed in having the eagle held as sacred by many cultures, from Greeks to Persians, from Egyptians to Celts. Like the lion, the eagle is often associated to the sun, and it´s not by chance that she often appears, like the lion, in many araldic patterns. In history, eagles have been the mark of many leaders, since Romans, and usually her wings mean protection, and her talons mean ruin to enemies. To Haida people, the eagle is one of the most important totemic animals, along with the raven.

Haida eagle baby teeHaida eagle baby teeHaida design by TattooTribes
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eagle haida fierceness leadership liberty freedom

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 Beautiful design.A bit of red would be fine.Congratulations for the work. 
  by Anderson Alegrio
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