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Hei Matau tattoo photo
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Hei Matau
Fish hook - wealth

February 10th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The fish hook, or matau, is a symbol of prosperity and wealth because in a sea like the Pacific Ocean it was all that was needed to live without suffering for hunger.

Inside this design, forming its shape, there are a shark (adaptability and speed), a manta (freedom and elegance), a turtle (navigator and family) with a warrior mask on its shell (tradition, valiance), a sun (life, energy) and korus (new beginning). Waves along the shark´s body and manta´s wings are a symbol of change.

Requested by Rodrigo.

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hei matau fish hook shark manta turtle sun koru warrior wealth prosperity strength tradition adaptability family joy change new beginning

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 Love the "Hei matou" as I already had it tattooed. Great design! 
  by Vivi
 Fantastic design. As soon as I saw it, I new it was prefect for me - covers all my passions especially family traditions, coping with change and longing for the sea. Thanks for this - Im getting it tattooed in 3 weeks! 
  by Adam
 just had this done..its sweet as..looks even better than the pic   
  by shaun
[TT: talkin´ about pics... send one!]
 i´ve up-sized this to fit on my back right shoulder, got most of it done just need to fill it in.   everything i wanted in a tat  kia kaha 
  by james
 fucking awesome 
  by PABLO!
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