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Male forearm band Polynesian tattoo flash
Úa me tahi

This Polynesian armband tattoo is visually divided into two parts to symbolize two important elements in the life of Daniele, for whom it was prepared: the freedom to travel (the manta) and attachment to his family (the turtle).
Two different aspects of one single life.

The manta has waves for change and an all-seeing eye in the center for protection.
The turtle has a Marquesas cross to symbolize balance, and a braid as a symbol of union.

The path of Kamehameha at the bottom represents the difficult path to success (the central sun) and the albatross flight at the top indicates a long journey away from home, and safe return.

The stones symbolize what he´s learned, on which he builds his future life, at the center alongside the warrior with spearheads to symbolize a tenacious person who faces every difficulty with determination.

Shark teeth symbolize protection, adaptability and strength.

The albatross flight at the top and the Kamehameha trail at the bottom are not closed around the arm so as to not interfere with the flow of mana.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the individual elements within the tattoo:
Male armband Polynsian tattoo