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Woman Tahitian manta tattoo flash

The turtle in the middle of this Tahitian manta tattoo for the back symbolizes family, with three frangipani flowers in its center to represent Petra´s children, and three dots to symbolize their importance.
The sun around it, shaped by mountains, is a symbol of stability, joy and eternity.

The tiki on the sides protect family from all directions while the Marquesan cross surrounded by braids near the tail of the manta symbolizes union being the base of the harmony in the family.

The lizard on the left brings good luck and the manaia (guardian angel) on the right protects this love (the stylized twist next to it).

Fish and fish hook are for prosperity and the row of chasing birds symbolizes help always granted to the loved ones.

The manta itself is a symbol of beauty and freedom.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the main elements within the tattoo:
Woman Tahitian manta tattoo for the back