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Maori styled animals

The magazine Idea Tattoo proposed to rethink some animals that are traditionally present in western tattoos reinventing them in Maori style, joining thus classic iconography and the lines and suggestions of Polynesian cultures.

The result of this cooperation is a series of 8 pages grouping various animals according to the element they live in starting from the three fundamental elements of every Polynesian culture, Sky, Earth and Sea and adding a fourth element, Fire, as a tribute to western and Asian cultures.

Each element will be published in a different issue of the magazine and on our site similarily we will add two pages per month, one animal per day.

April 2012: AIR - pages 1 & 2

May 2012: EARTH - pages 3 & 4

June 2012: SEA - pages 5 & 6

July 2012: FIRE - pages 7 & 8